Founded in May 2016, QMA Services, LLC has successfully helped their clients license and certify Mental Health programs.  

Based in Sacramento, California, our consultants were previously analysts in the Substance Use Disorder Licensing & Certification Division with the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Their main responsibilities at DHCS included reviewing, approving and denying Substance Use Disorder license and certification applications. Our consultants also worked at the Department of Social Services in the Community Care Licensing Division as Licensing Program Analysts. During that time, they reviewed licensing applications for residential care facilities, such as Adult Residential Facilities, Group Homes, Small Family Homes, and Foster Family Agencies.  They also conducted yearly compliance reviews and investigated complaint allegations.

Over 15 years with the State of California, our consultants have worked to  deliver insights and innovative solutions to address tough issues within the residential care services. They are dedicated to improving the efficacy and efficiency pathway to licensing & certification of mental health programs with government agencies. All of our consultants are passionate advocates for the availability of mental health services and mental health education.



Our goal is to help organizations innovate, transform and lead in California’s mental health services by creating and establishing policies and procedures that provide the safest and highest quality mental health programs.

Our consulting company is organized into three primary service areas:  

  • PRIVATE-INDIVIDUALIZED CONSULTATION: We will handle the applications from start to finish -  including customizing the policies and procedures to match your organization’s needs and philosophy. A consultant will physically visit the proposed facility for a walk-thru as well as provide training to the Administrator and/or Program Director at that time. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to find out if your organization is a good fit for this service.  

  • 2-DAY GROUP TRAINING/WORKSHOP: We will walk you through the Social Rehabilitation Facility license and Mental Health certification application process from beginning to end.  Space is limited.  

  • WEBINAR TRAINING: Coming soon! We are in the process of launching a Webinar training similar to the live 2-Day Workshop. 



Our key services combined with the breadth of our licensing and certification experience with both the California Department of Social Services - Community Care Licensing Division and the California Department of Health Care Services will support our clients through this challenging process. 

  • Mental Health Licensing & Certification  our three primary service areas all have the singular focus to help clients achieve and sustain their State Mental Health license and certification.

  • Program Design Development helps create a mental health program (also termed Social Rehabilitation Facility) that promotes personal recovery, successful community integration and satisfactory quality of life for mental health clients.  

  • Development of Policies & Procedures blends a deep understanding of the State’s (Department of Health Care Services & Department of Social Services) requirement with industry experience to generate policies and procedures in compliance with the Departments’ regulation as well a business model that can help position organizations to address their most pressing current and future challenges. 

  • Customized program solutions provides customized services to fulfill an organization’s need, including mental health outpatient programs to include strategy, implementation, and creative capabilities to help set up a program. 

  • Onsite, group and webinar training  offers different options for mental health application process training.  

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